A single optic, a single shadow
  • High efficiency (>120 lm/W)
  • ANSI compliant binning, 2 step MacAdams ellipse for each individual lot
  • Excellent lumen maintenance and colour stability over time
  • Extensive dimming - fully dimmable, with external dimmer
  • IP20 protection rating
  • Long life and low maintenance costs
  • Ecological, no disposal restrictions


The SJ16 series is characterized by a single LED source with high-level performance. For this reason, it is a widely used product specifically developed as an alternative to the retrofit 50 mm halogen spots. The main feature is the single optic that solves the issue of multiple shadows normally resulting from multi-optical products. The careful design of the heat-sink body is the distinctive characteristic of this product, which guarantees a high and stable performance over its lifespan.


It is perfectly suitable for all those situations where are needed high light output, flexibility to choose narrow secondary
optics, and the ease of installation. Due to the constant voltage power input, it offer the possibility to connect several modules in parallel to the same power supply. Typical application areas are retail sales areas and museums.

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