Smart and dynamic
  • Two different temperatures combined in one single fixture
  • Elegant design
  • High efficiency (>120 Im/W)
  • ANSI compliant binning, 2 step MacAdams ellipse for each individual lot
  • Excellent lumen maintenance and colour stability over time
  • Extensive dimming - fully dimmable, even with PWM input signal
  • IP20 protection rating
  • Highly efficient secondary optics
  • Long life and low maintenance costs
  • Ecological, no disposal restrictions


Body in anodized extruded aluminium, recessed mounting frame with minimal rectangular flange. 3 or 6 LED versions avavilable.


The Groove-in linear element was primarily designed for retail settings, particularly jewelry and other such valuables.
This is because it combines two different temperatures in one single fixture.
With its 3 or 6 LED versions, this fixture is indispensable for discerning architects who can thus create truly made-to-measure lighting solutions.
The flush mounting system and the elegant design enable perfect integration.
Through the careful use of secondary optics, Groove-in produces a variety of luminous effects and becomes a very versatile product that can easily be used in many situations, even for the general lighting of rooms.

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